Friday, March 16, 2007

Western Day, Weight Loss and Allergies

Wow-have I been a bad blogger! No posts since Valentine's Day-yikes! I'd love to say it's because I've been super busy which would mean super productive-alas, NO! I've been super busy but not so productive!!

I continue on LAWL and have been doing really well-I'm into week 7 and weighed in yesterday and I'm down a total of 13.6 lbs-rock on! They also did my measurements and I've lost 7.75 inches-wooohooo!! I'm a little worried, when I lose 5 more lbs I get bumped down a plan which means a little less food. Of course I want to keep losing but I haven't been hungry on the purple plan and I'm worried I will be on the gold plan-we'll just have to wait and see.

Last week was western week at Natalia's school which ended on Friday with all the kiddos coming dressed up and having Texas Chili for lunch. Well Natalia's cowboy boots from last year don't fit anymore so we headed to Pink's Western Warehouse to get some new ones. She picked some hot pink boots with stars on the side that light up when she walks and absolutely LOVES them. She also just had to have a red cowboy hat like Jessie's from Toy Story-hmmm pink boots and red hat...!??! Whatever makes her happy! Thankfully her western outfit from last year still fits-the result is the picture above-isn't she cute!?!??! This summer's VBS is a western theme so I know the boots, hat and outfit (if she can still fit into it then) will get lots of use!!!
Lastly-I was so ready for the cold weather to be over so I could finally get over my cold-yeah well I should be careful what I wish for! With the warm weather here in the DFW area everything is starting to bloom which means ALLERGIES! Which until last year I didn't have-I mean really after 33 years how do I suddenly develop allergies, severe allergies at that, to spring grasses?? Now this year my eyes are again itching so bad I want to scratch them out and it's too early to be grasses and my meds aren't working-so off to my allergy doc I go. He informs me that I must now be allergic to tree pollens-it's too early for grasses-gee, thanks! He changes my meds all up-I'm now on Allegra in the morning, Zyrtec at night, Optiva eye drops and a nasal spray for sneezing-wow! I hope it all works-we'll see and I hope it doesn't get worse when the grasses to start!!! It all makes the thought of moving back to Maine very inviting....