Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kaboom Town & more.....

For the 2nd year we headed down to Addison for their "Kaboom Town" on July 3rd-this year though we stayed at the Holiday Inn right next to the park instead of 2 blocks away! This was the best as we were only a few minutes away from the action and close enough to go back to our room to cool off, etc. This year the weather was better and I think gas prices kept a lot of people from traveling and the result was that the place was packed!

Here's Natalia getting ready to head over to the park:

The first thing she wanted to do once we got there was the Batman bounce house and even though the line was really long she waited patiently:

Then she decided she wanted to wait in line for an airbrush tattoo:

But then after walking around and looking at the military vehicles on display, the war planes flying overhead and some italian ice cream she decided she was tired so we walked back to our hotel room to cool off and rest. Then when it was time for the fireworks we went out to the parking lot and watched from the back of the Tahoe:

The finale was amazing-Natalia kept saying it was her favorite-it was even more amazing to be able to lock up the Tahoe and walk a few feet to the back door of our hotel and be in our room a few minutes later!!!! We'll be making our reservations for next year as soon as they let us!

The next morning we woke up, got dressed, had some breakfast and headed home-we however took a slight detour to the Frisco mall so Natalia could get her ears pierced!!! She's been pretending to put on her pretend earrings for a few days and so we asked her if she wanted to get her ears pierced and she said "yes!" so we headed to Libby Lu-we've been there so much this past week with her birthday party and going back to spend some of her birthday $$$ that they know her by name!!!!

She was so excited:

But then they started to mark her ears and she wasn't so sure:

The girls were so patient with her-everytime they got close to her with the "guns" she'd freak out and after many attempts and lots of tears and asking if she really wanted to do it or not and changing from daddy's lap to mommy's lap she had a brave moment and let them get the "guns" in place AND stayed still:

And it was done! No tears-she just said "ouch!" and that was it!!!

They painted her finger nails for being such a big girl and that of course made everything so much better and the little multi-colored flower earrings she picked are so cute!!!!
We hope everyone had a very Happy 4th of July and please keep our service men and women in your prayers as they continue to keep America the home of the free!!!!