Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it already the middle of May?!?!

Wow!! Where has the month gone?? I've spent most of the spring suffering with severe allergies or a cold and I'm sick and tired of it!
A few weeks ago I felt horrible at work and came home with a fever, chills, suffy nose, etc. To make matters worse our A/C was out so it was about 85 degrees in the house. I ended up going to the doctor and had an ear infection. After 5 days on antibiotics and decongestants I finally felt better-not good but better. Now a few weeks later it seems the head cold is back-will it never end-I just want to feel good again!!
Well, Todd has finally decided to take a full time phone job and leave the fire dept with his last day being next Saturday. He will really miss being a fire man but he's tired of the politics, promises of raises that never happened and being in debt. The new job will triple his salary and he'll be working from home and traveling-something he enjoys. So hopefully we'll be able to pay off all our bills, fix up this house and someday move into a bigger one. I may even be able to change jobs or stay home when it's time for Natalia to go to Kindergarten next year.
We've been having some gorgeous weather and a girlfriend of mine gave Natalia her kiddos playhouse so Natalia's been enjoying playing outside in it-it's hard to get her to come inside!