Sunday, January 28, 2007

My very own blog

Well I did it! I'm starting my own blog! I never saw much reason to before-I mean what did little 'ol me have to blog about?? I'm not famous, not a designer, etc. but I finally feel it's a good idea to "journal" about my everyday "normal" life and since I'm always on the computer why not do it here??
I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions this year but have instead felt like I've made some plans inside of me. I've been going to the gym on a regular basis, 3-4 times a week, working on running especially. I have a goal to run the Big D 5K in April and the Plano Race for the Cure in June-these are things I REALLY, REALLY want to do. I joined LA Weight Loss this week, this hit the pocket book harder than I had hoped, but I am truly feel this is the plan for me to help me eat healthier and in turn teach my 3 1/2 year old daughter, Natalia, healthy eating habits for life. I do have one event coming up this summer that is additional motivation for these changes-the July 28th wedding of my little brother (little B for short), Josh in New Hampshire. I very, very much want to show my family that I can do this (I'm not going to tell them that I 've joined LAWL).
I also want to be a better wife & mother. We had to fire our housekeeper as she wasn't doing a good job at all-so now it's up to me to clean-ha! That's a good one! Something I'm terrible at is housecleaning and I can admit it!!! But I am vowing to learn and get better at this. Also as of next month we'll have been in this house for 7 years and we've acquired and retained a LOT of STUFF! I want to go thru everything and only keep what we REALLY need. I also want to put more structure into Natalia's day when she's not at school-working on reading, writing, etc.
Whew! I'm tired just writing it all down but it feels good to actually have it "written" down. Now to get started....