Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Meg's Blog Prompt today is: How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? (Or do you?)
Todd & I don't have a set way to celebrate V-day-we never know which of is going to be working or we may both be off or both working!! This year though we were both off which a present in of it's self! We took Natalia to daycare so she could participate in their V-day party. I made her valentine's with her picture on them, I also had her write her name on a piece of paper and then scanned it in and added it to the valentine's I printed off-that way she didn't have to sign 24 of them! We attached them to goody bags with these wonderful, individually wrapped fortune cookies dipped in white chocolate with valentine sprinkles-yummy! We also added two red pixy sticks in the bags. Natalia helped me put them together-she was so proud and so very excited for today! After we dropped her off we went together to have our first laser hair removal treatments-Todd had the back of his neck done and I had my armpits and bikini line-this was our V-day present to each other-extremely romantic huh???!! LOL!!
We picked up Natalia in the afternoon and went out to dinner. She was acting tired and kept coughing. When we got home and were going thru her Valentine's from her friends I realized she was really warm to the touch so I took her temp and sure enough she's running a 100.1 fever! So we gave her some Motrin and cough medicine and now she's laying in bed with me watching TV-poor thing-not a fun way to end Valentine's Day!!! Not the most traditional V-day but it works for us!
I hope everyone had/or is having a wonderful Valentine's Day-whether you have a special someone or you are single!!


loonyhiker said...

I was sick on Valentine's Day too so I can commiserate with her! Hope she is feeling better.

Tink said...

What a cute idea for the cards. And I sure hope she is feeling better soon. I, too, can commiserate with her as I have a cold too. Ugh.