Sunday, February 4, 2007

Snow in Texas

I meant to post on Thursday while it was snowing again here in Texas-but time got away from me! Todd was on shift but he and the guys didn't miss out on the fun and headed outside to make a snowman and the result is in the picture above! (Todd's in the back, 2nd from the left with the red hat) Natalia took a nap during the snow and missed all fun-hopefully next time. The next morning the roads were icey so we all stayed home-didn't even make it to the gym-I decided since it was gloomy out and we were stuck inside to clean out our master closet-WOW! That was a job-many hours later and 6 trash bags full of clothes and shoes-I have a VERY neat and organized closet and I'm very impressed with myself. Later that evening when I headed to church for 1st Friday Eucharisit Adoration I stopped at the attended donation drop at the local vet and dropped off those 6 bags-job well done!! Yesterday I worked and had a very nice 2 baby assignment-Todd & Natalia had a great day just spending time together while I was gone.
Today I took on a different adventure-taking Natalia to Mass with me. The last time I took her with me was in July and she was just awful! So I haven't tried again since. But I didn't have anyone to watch her today and figuring she was 6 months older I could give it a shot. Our church has a new Mass at 9:15am which is a children's Mass. Natalia promised she'd be good and was excited to wear her pretty dress and shoes. I was nervous. When we got there I signed Natalia up for Children's Liturgy of Word-the children go into the other room with the teachers during the readings, gospel, and homily and come back after the prayers of the faithful. I was kind of worried Natalia wouldn't want to go but she ran right up front with the other kids to get their blessing from Father and then out to their class-thankfully she had a large bow in her hair so I could find her. She came back after with her lesson papers just as excited as she could be that she had been with her "friends". I just have to say "Praise the Lord" because she did SO well! She wasn't perfect but she really was so good! We'll definately try it again next week!

Tonight's the Super Bowl-I can't wait to watch-just for the commercials!!