Thursday, June 19, 2008


So a few weeks ago my Aunt Jo had a few fainting spells and a few trips to the ER and still wasn't feeling well so my cousin, Nicole, flew in from NC to take care of her. She brought her oldest daughter (of 3 girls), Lillian, with her who is 8 months older than Natalia-they'll both start kindergarten this fall. These 2nd cousins hadn't seen each other in about 2 1/2 years-but when we picked them up from the airport on Saturday June 7th and Lillian got in the back of the Tahoe with Natalia you'd of never known they'd been apart so long! It was like they'd seen each other everyday-non stop talking and laughing!!! They are 2 very strong personalities-with Lillian being an oldest and Natalia being a only but they really negotiated well with each other and got along famously. We packed a lot of cousin time in the week they were visiting-here is a sampling of their activites:

Tea Parties:

Cute Cousins:

Cookie Game:

The object is NOT to get the rotten egg cards but they thought it was hysterical when they BOTH got it!

Lillian introduced Natalia to "ABC Yoga" which was too cute to watch:

Which calmed them down enough for them to watch some tv quietly and it was interesting to see some similar habits:

They both love "Go Paints" as do Nicole and I!

We spent some time at a new restaurant/shopping area in Allen where the girls LOVED playing by the creek and the ducks:

Did someone say camera? Where???

Natalia really enjoyed showing Lillian around at the Dallas American Girl Doll Store:

We all enjoyed a yummy lunch at the American Girl Doll Bistro:

Swimming in the hot Texas heat was fun and refreshing:

And then the day came to take them to the airport-but first a group shot of Aunt Jo, Nicole, Natalia and Lillian:

(It is good to be the photographer so you don't have to be in the shot-heehee! )

Now on any given day Natalia does not like to say goodbye-no hugs, etc just "bye" and she's out of there and that's with someone she knows she'll see again the next day so I had a feeling it wasn't going to be pretty at the airport but I wasn't prepared for how emotional she was-just sobbing and my goodness just tears and tears! She did calm down long enough to hug Lillian good bye and we promised we'd make a trip soon to see them in NC-hopefully sooner than 2 1/2 years!

We love ya'll and miss ya!