Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super Cute Hair-Do!

I took Natalia into "Sharkey's" (a hair salon for kiddos) today for a much needed bang trim-she didn't want any cut off the back since she loves her "ponies". As we were waiting our turn a girl about her age was cutting her hair cut in a cute short bob and I said "oh Natalia look how cute her hair is!" to which she replied "I want my hair like that!" In shock I said "you do????!! But that would mean no pony tails" and she asked "could I wear it down?" I replied "heck yeah!" (Now let me explain-Natalia has lots of thick hair like mine which she likes to wear down BUT does not like for me to comb in the mornings even when it doesn't have any knots in it-I'm talking knock down, drag out fights EVERY morning! So I usually insist on putting it up somehow and only leave it down for special occassions) Anyway back to today-so when it was her turn she chose to sit in the big girl chair-not the pink barbie jeep-another big step-and played a video game while the girl proceeded to chop and I mean CHOP 5 inches-yes FIVE inches off of her hair! The result?? The cutest haircut ever!

Here she is playing the hot wheels video game during the cut:

Looking good:

Here is the new Natalia-with Sharkey!


Lauren Horsley said...

Aw - she's darling! It's so fun to go short for the summer. Makes me want to go get my own scraggly mane chopped...

PS - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It's so fun to meet new blog-friends!